Zoe Steinberg

Zoe is a college student and competitive climber living in Philadelphia, PA. Career highlights include representing the USA at the 2015 IFSC Youth World Championships in Italy and a second place finish at Psicoroc 2016.

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Photo by Jennie Jariel

Photo by The Circuit Climbing


Ramsey, NJ (currently living in Philadelphia)


Favorite climbing spot:  

The Red and the New, but I'm psyched on just getting outside

Favorite post-climb food:

I'm always up for barbecue after a training session or long day at the crag


Go-to tunes:

If I'm just hanging out I'll listen to alt or rock, so Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, OAR, Neil Young, Tom Petty. For training, lately I've been listening to Macklemore, Lupe, the Offspring, Eminem, stuff with a faster beat.


Proudest send: 

It's a toss-up between flashing BOHICA at the Red for my first 13b flash, and sending Survival of the Fittest (13a) in the Gunks as my first hard lead on traditional gear. Both really stood out to me- BOHICA because I had been having a rough day, and it proved to me that I had the ability to put my mood behind me and climb like I wanted to, and Survival because sending it while placing my own gear had been a goal of mine since I was 15, and it meant a lot to me to be accomplish it 3 years later.


Photo by Jai Critchley

Photo by Mitch Vernon