Chris Neal

Chris is a proud dad, EMT and accomplished hold shaper. Keep up to date with Chris on Instagram @christopherlneal



Irmo, South Carolina


Favorite climbing spot:  

Rocktown. It is a very expansive area and even on the days that the parking lot is totally full you might not see or hear anyone all day and it is some of the best sandstone in the Southeast! How can you beat that?


Dream vacation climbing spot:

I actually just got back from going to my first dream vacation climbing spot, Linville Gorge, it was everything that I had anticipated and a little more. Now for a new dream I would probably say Fontainebleau, more unbeatable sandstone!


Favorite post-climb food:

BBQ and Sweet Tea all day. It just really hits the spot and being in the south you can generally count on both of those being pretty plentiful!


Go-to tunes:

My music tastes when climbing can be anything, anything but what everyone else seems to want to listen to...


Who would you choose to play you in the movie version of your life? 

Paul Rudd, ever since his entrance into my life in the first Anchorman, good stuff.